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Kian Hagerman
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kianhOpposite the Rose Garden at the Southern and Dobson campus, Pita Jungle provides healthy, delicious Mediterranean alternatives to the various fast food spots frequented by students. The food is often prepared quickly in my experience, giving those between classes a chance to eat something different without carving out an hour in their schedule.A great place to begin the experience is with one of the starters; most people have tried hummus either from the grocery store or elsewhere, but I prefer the baba ganoosh. An eggplant-based blend of olive oil and spices, it is eaten with pita bread and goes great mixed with hummus as well as alone. Dolmades are another amazing starter worth trying, a truly different flavor derived from the ingredients used. I would describe them as similar to an egg roll in the method of delivery, a combination of elements wrapped in a grape leaf, though served cold and far more rich in taste.It may be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated, so my recommendation is to take small bites initially until acclimated.

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A wide array of salads are available, including many topped with cooked meats and falafel. The chicken salads are great tasting and those that include fish can be had by those who seek something uncommon. The Greek cuisine mainstay most American diners are familiar with, the gyro of Pita Jungle tends to be larger than average in my experience and includes a healthy serving of succulent fresh vegetables, pickles, and meat. Even such a well-known dish available at just about any Mediterranean establishment has a delicious, distinctive impact on the senses that sets Pita Jungle’s take apart.  The garlic new potatoes make an ideal companion to any dish, something to provide contrast while refreshing the palette. For those looking to unwind after the class has ended for the day, one need look no further than the fully stocked bar. During happy hour prices on drinks are lower, but even outside of this the prices are reasonable.Whether beer, hard liquor or cocktails are sought, the number of options available should be suitable to the majority of people who stop by.

Happy hour runs from 3 – 5:30 p.m. during the weekdays, so there is plenty of time to take advantage of the $10 pitchers of draft beer and $3 glasses of local craft beer, among the many other drinks and foods that are discounted.Orders can be made for takeout, and are fulfilled in rapid succession typically, so those without the time for a sit-down restaurant shouldn’t be discouraged by the layout of Pita Jungle. Prices on meals need not exceed $10 either, and with the ever-rising costs of eating out Pita Jungle compares quite favorably to anything I can think of. Located at 1850 W. Southern Ave., literally across the street from the north side of the Southern and Dobson campus, it is within walking distance even on those miserable days just after summer has ended and the fall semester begins. With such a deep and diverse menu, Pita Jungle will remain a go-to choice whenever I hunger, and I recommend it highly to you.

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