Primaries causing a fever for change

Nick Kosmider

As I spent my nights this week glued to CNN and reading countless blogs and commentaries I realized I had all the symptoms. I have in fact come down with primary fever!
How could one not boil with excitement over the furious campaign rallies and late night phone calls recruiting last-minute voters?
And what isn’t to catch about candidates pouring their sweat, and in some cases tears, into every brick on the campaign trail.

And most of all, how could one not burst the thermometer at the sight of Huckabee’s victory speech in Iowa with Chuck Norris standing right behind him ready to boldly defend the border?

There has been much to talk about during this hotly contested race. Whether it has been Bill O’Reilly shoving Obama staffers or Clinton getting misty-eyed, there has been plenty to talk about as the candidates push their away through their campaigns.

Barack Obama has battled fiercely through the holiday and as result scored a major victory in the Iowa Caucuses.

While hard work and ingenuity, as well as the endorsement of America’s favorite talk show host, have paid off well for Obama, he was not the only one who came up big in Iowa.

Mike Huckabee developed serious momentum in Iowa and as a result was able to score a huge victory there.

The excitement of the race has been enhanced in large part by its unpredictability.

Four months ago John McCain seemed to be buried after a disastrous summer that saw several of his closest advisors leave the campaign. On Jan. 8, though, McCain left New Hampshire just the way he had eight years earlier with a resounding victory.

But of all this excitement there is one thing even more exciting so far about the races and that is the turnout.

Record numbers turned out in New Hampshire where some poll workers were in fear of running out of ballots.

Change has been the obvious buzzword of the campaign and it is now clear that people want to see that, as they have realized the importance of the upcoming election.

No matter what the results of the burgeoning races will tell, it is satisfying to see that America will be involved in the process.

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