Pro-Choice for the win

As you may know, a very important protest went on in front of the Clock Tower at Mesa Community College (MCC). I say important because this kind of protest not only directly sparked the interest of its students but also emotionally.

If you were on campus and missed the warning signs and images of dead fetuses, maybe you just weren’t paying attention, but no worries, because I wish I had missed the catastrophe.

Not only were there graphic images of fake abortions, the information backed by these images were gruesome. Everyone in America owns their right to freedom of speech, but my problem with the abortion protest on campus is the nature of how they chose to express their beliefs. Plastering information and pictures upholding unrealistic standards is not humane. The scare factor approach is without a doubt unethical.

As a journalist, we are taught to remain respectfully ethical when covering stories and responsibilities. That is the least one can do when sharing triggering knowledge.

Displaying that type of propaganda was just not accurate and wrong because every college student on campus is at MCC to learn, whether that is from their course work or events that occur on campus. When you showcase something and call them facts, it misconstrues the objective and puts false narratives into the mind of someone who may be ignorant to the cause or someone who desires to find out more about the topic.

I would prefer a fair debate where both sides of the spectrum cover factual information. The perfect argument consists of each side having knowledge regarding the opposition and that is impossible to do when one side refuses to be truthful.

I strongly support the side advocating for women and understands that every single woman has the right to make their own choices, without ridicule from strangers. An abortion is one the most private and sensitive procedure a woman can go through and harassing or telling someone they are wrong for doing so, is extremely disrespectful and has no real barring on your life. Choice is one beautiful aspect America has to offer and stripping that right away from people is the exact opposite of what this country is supposed to represent. Freedom.

I will acknowledge the calming energy of the interactions between the abortion protest and the counter protest, Planned Parenthood. From what I saw, everyone argued in a very mature manner, which was the most surprising sight to see.

Leaving with the notion that we all have an opportunity to voice our own opinion, what do you think of the abortion protest on campus? Email us your opinion on the protests at mesalegendstaff@gmail.com

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