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Attention Students, on April 13th, 2010 the Student Senate of Mesa Community College passed a number of amendments to the Constitution of the Associated Student of Mesa Community College. The amendments concern the role of the President of ASMCC, the phrasing of the Executive Cabinet, and the number of Independent Senators allowed for the Student Senate. On May 5th, starting at 12:00am and running until 11:59 pm, students may vote by logging in to their MyMcc portal at To view the current ASMCC Constitution, Bylaws, and a list of the purposed amendments, visit the ASMCC web page at For more information pleases join ASMCC for their press conference on Thursday April 22nd at 2:30pm, in the Veteran’s Rose Garden, on the north end of campus.

For further questions please contact Carol Ralls at or by phone at (480) 461-7278.

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