Med spas create alternative to healthy practices

Iliana Deanda

Med spas have become a common service in the beauty industry.Each med spa offers similar, if not the same procedures to its clients. Services include, laser hair removal, lipo dissolve, photo rejuvenation and many diet programs.

With med spas gaining popularity by the minute, many question whether it is a healthy alternative to standard but efficient diet and exercise.

“Med spas are a sort of hybrid between a health spa and a medical office. Sometimes a doctor allows their name to be used, but they are rarely on the premises,” said MCC Food and Nutrition faculty member Dr. Maureen Zimmerman.

Brian Connelly owner of NEOS MedSpa has a varied definition.

“A medical spa is a type of doctors office that specializes in aesthetic treatments that enhance the way a person looks or feels,” Connelly said.

When considering a med spa, consumers should be aware of the prices advertised.

“Beware of products being promoted at these spas that cost a significant amount of money. Sometimes these spas are ways for doctors to sell more services and make more money,” Zimmerman said.

Clients should also keep credibility in mind.

“(Clients should pay attention to) medical oversight, experience, who performs the treatments, and how many have they done,” Connelly said.

“(They should also know) what kind of equipment is being used, what services they perform, and if the company is financially healthy. In today’s internet world you can get reviews off sites for more information about companies,” Connelly said.

With the popularity of med spas on the rise, certain things should be looked for when deciding to receive treatments.

“(The) things to look out for are fads that do no one any good. I have seen many doctors buy into fads that don’t work,” Connelly commented.

“No one is helped, for someone who is only looking out for the short term.”

I think that people doing in-office ‘smart lipo’ or liposuction, are heading for trouble. Certain things should be left to the experts,” Connelly said.

When asked which treatments are effective and which are scams, Connelly replied, “It’s such a hard question to answer.”

Laser hair removal can be a great treatment or a scam depending on what laser or IPL machine is used and who performs the treatment,” he said.

“You really need to ask questions and shop for value and not price and stick to clinics with proven track records on the services and treatment they perform,” Connelly said.

He believed that there is a negative side to med spas, but only as an industry.

“I think that in general no (there isn’t a negative side), however, in the med spa industry there are some negative things being done. Most of these businesses that are doing ineffective or unsafe treatments or poor business practices will not be in business long but it gives the industry a bad name.”

If someone is concerned with making changes to their daily routines, Zimmerman recommended seeing a dietitian.

“Some of these spas do offer nutritional counseling. However, if you are considering making changes to your eating plan, a registered dietitian is the most appropriate health professional to provide you with science-based advice on a plan that will work best for you,” Zimmerman said. “Registered dietitians are credentialed food and nutrition experts.

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