Stuck in a gray area on a green issue

Leslie Philip

The passing of Proposition 203 is nothing but horrible news for the state of Arizona. If you had asked me two days ago about the passing of medical marijuana, I would have fully believed in this statement.When I heard that the proposition had passed, I was filled with a slow-boiling anger that spilled over the more I overheard groups of people saying “let’s smoke a bowl.”

I started analyzing my friendships and judging other people that thought the passing of Prop 203 was a “good” thing.

Now that I have done more research, I have come to understand the benefits for medical marijuana and having the knowledge of how many people it can benefit, my view point has changed.

I like to refer to it as being stuck in the gray area, in between the two extremes of black and white.

I was raised with the D.A.R.E. programs and the constant declarations of “say no to drugs” all of my life as I’m sure many others were.

But I understand how important medical marijuana is to the ill. I have absolutely no right to judge how much pain others are in because if I suddenly developed Glaucoma, I would want something to ease the pain as well.

Smoking marijuana has become just as prevalent as drinking hard liquor and alcohol. But with alcohol they just tell you to call a cab if you’ve had too much to drink. If you smoke too much pot, then you are considered “under the influence” and the famous words “let’s take a ride down to the station” will be ringing in your ears.

But now, generations have changed and drugs have become a nonchalant party favor, at least some of them anyway.

A strong part of me still believes that marijuana is a gateway drug because it is being used recreationally and no one seems to care about the effects it will have in the long run.

I can’t say I am for or against the passing of proposition 203. I stand in the gray area, right in the middle of both extremes.

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