Text rental can provide savings

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Text rental can provide savings

Michael Mashburn

The campus bookstore has recently implemented a text book rental program in an effort to provide students with greater savings.Rent-A-Text has allowed students to rent popular titles, new or used, for an academic term.

On average, students choosing to rent instead of purchase their books can expect to save more than half off the price of a new textbook.

For many, the high costs of course textbooks can mean added stress at the beginning of each semester.

For these students, the new rental program couldn’t come at a better time.

Michael Ruiz, a business major at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, thinks the new program is a great idea.

“I like having the option of renting books that I don’t necessarily want to keep at half the price,” Ruiz said.

Thomas A. Christopher, the president of Follett Higher Education Group, stated that in a survey of more than 1,400 students, over 90 percent expressed satisfaction with the program.

“Our rental program is efficient and value-driven and will benefit students while providing them with yet another affordable choice from Follett bookstores,” he said.

In order to take part in the textbook rental program, students must have a valid credit card and email address, along with a driver’s license or state ID.

Students using rented textbooks will still be able to highlight and make notes on the pages, but are asked to refrain from making any excessive markings.

Those deciding to keep their textbooks may do so, as long as they are within the bookstore’s refund period.

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