‘Trailer Park Boys’ adds to Netflix an eleventh season

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‘Trailer Park Boys’ adds to Netflix an eleventh season

Marcus Campbell
Mesa Legend

BubblesComedy and mockumentary series The Trailer Park Boys is back at it again for season 11 now streaming on demand on Netflix.  Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, and the rest of the gang are back for another round of raunchy fun and criminal activity. This season the gang is manufacturing and supplying THC energy drinks for rapper Snoop Dogg, who returns this season and makes several guest cameos in the show. It’s business as usual for Ricky, Bubbles and Julian as the season begins.  Ricky is busy helping Bubbles with his pizza sauce business and Julian is making good money poaching lobster from registered fisherman.

Lahey and Randy, usually the gang’s biggest enemies are at rest while Lahey wrestles with the news that he is Ricky’s father.  The season’s biggest conflict comes from the news that Jim Lahey and Ricky are in fact related. Ricky is crushed to learn that Ray, the man he had grown to love, was not his father but Jim was.  The news that Lahey is his father sends Ricky into tailspin that lasts nearly all season.  The paternity conflict culminates mid-season in a hilarious parody episode. Ricky eventually finds out that his nemesis, Jim Lahey, is his father in an epic and surprisingly tasteful Star Wars parody episode.

The scene even goes as far as to have Lahey and Ricky fight with broom poles instead of light sabers.  The fight climaxes when Lahey crushes Ricky’s hand and Ricky falls from the porch. Tumbling down to the ground to be rescued by Julian and Bubbles. “Trailer Park Boys” presents its usual issues from its usual cast members this season.  Jacob and Corey return and continue to ruin everything they can get their hands on.  Jacob does have some mild success this season alongside some epic failures.  Randy attempts to become a police officer and loose a few pounds while T-dog and the Roc-pile work at a new business selling stolen phones and hotboxing the warehouse.

There is one significant cast change this season to be aware of; Lucy Decoutere, who plays Lucy Ricky’s wife, Lucy, on the show has departed after over 70 episodes.  Many fans are hoping for her character’s quick return. Since Netflix acquired the series before season 9 the show has gotten more popular while still retaining its overall quality.  This 11th season is the best one yet for the streaming giant, hopefully the viewership and budget for the show continue to grow into the future. For more information on the guys responsible for the show visit: swearnet.com To stream “Trailer Park Boys” now go to: Netflix.com

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