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Post- Election Fear Takes Over Country

Illustration: Gabriela Juarez/Mesa Legend
Illustration: Gabriela Juarez/Mesa Legend

Since election night ended recently, there have been many who claim to be afraid of what Donald Trump might do when he takes office. These fears may be subjectively valid but have become a bit ridiculous as voiced by some in the media. The doomsayers paint a picture of a world gone mad, where no one is safe, yet Trump has not even been sworn in. Likely this will just be yet another presidency, like those of recent memory, where campaign promises are broken and little is done to change the course the country is headed in.

Those that take a moment to listen to what is being said, and the actions already being taken in the transition, might notice that it does not seem like things are as dire as some have suggested. Early indications are that Trump has shifted toward being a centrist, choosing members of his cabinet with a long history as members of the establishment. His fiery rhetoric has been softened on many of the major points of contention anti-Trump protesters have, though some of his cabinet choices do suggest possible conservative changes to various aspects of government.

Those that have sought to advance liberal causes may be facing an uphill battle for the next four years to prevent any ground from being lost. Things being more difficult does not make them impossible, though, and good ideas that are popular will eventually win the day. We should not fear any person unless their actions give us reason to. As long as Trump continues to disavow the despicable violence that has cropped up, and works to unify the nation as he claims to desire, he has the opportunity to do a lot of good for the nation. It is difficult to fault one that is skeptical of the claims of any politician, and until actions are taken it is hard to say what a Trump presidency will be like.


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