Value of life all dependent on the perspective

Andrew Sandoval
Mesa Legend

andre-mugshot-bw-e1454361941421In science, they say, “what you see is what you get”. Usually what you’re looking at for the most part is the truth, but there is so much to take in in this world. When it comes to people and their stories they run so much deeper than a surface glance; sometimes it’s hard to tell which truth we are looking at.It’s normal for us to make up our mind on how we feel about something, almost immediately, it’s a common turn of phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover, advice much of humanity seems to have forgotten. We all have different faces for different situations, when we argue we put on intimidating eyes and flared nostrils, when we are sad we avert our eyes and are somber in tone when we are happy we use our eyes to stare right into whatever it is which has ignited our joy.

Although it is a very basic way of looking at it, if you take the amalgamation of the entire emotional spectrum and feed them into a few personas we usually only identify with a few of the core ones, with other more complex emotions work in tandem. Emotions are what drive the human race, it compels us to act or not act, it factors into every decision we make at almost every turn, and you may think your thought process is “logical”, but is it really Sometimes emotions can get the better of you, blinding you in a haze of confusing thoughts, causing over analyze what you see of think. Seeing is how most of Mankind navigates life, and surely to our detriment, for it narrows our empathy, as we are consumed by our own perspective, ultimately obscuring the truth.

We are shown so many different world views at such quick speeds it’s hard to keep up, it seems that many of us are taken away with this information overload and lump all information into two groups; either you don’t trust the information you are getting at all, or you only trust in what aligns with your ideals. Very few of us are willing to be empathetic to our enemies or opposing views, which from my point of view weakens us as a whole. You can track this trend of unbridled dislike or antithesis of ideas between groups  throughout the world, via social media, today’s most powerful platform for information exchange.

Unfortunately, the absorbent amount of misinformation or outright lies dilutes the information pool that many of us draw from. If you poison the well you will kill the village, and from the perspective exchange of information today; people’s mouths are the poison and the internet is the well, in a society of unchecked headline readers, it doesn’t surprise me to see how disjointed we have become. In order to overcome and cure the symptoms of this lower perspective you have to be willing to remove yourself, form said view. Empathy is the road to a balanced life, you have to be able to remove yourself from your own perspective if you ever truly want to connect with people or having already lived through it yourself helps.

If you can understand why people do what they do, why they make a decision which you find irrational, then your view on the world may widen. In order to move forward as a group, we have to destroy the idea that individuality means we must sacrifice everyone else’s world views. You can’t force how you see the world down someone’s throat, all you can do is teach them what you know is right, true morality, and they will see the world as it should be all on their own.The biggest and easiest way to change the way you see the world is to just accept it, whatever and whoever you see, as long as they don’t harm others or themselves, it shouldn’t affect you in the slightest.

Not everyone needs to fit into your ideal world but you need to fit in the world somewhere, and you can’t do that from all the way up on your pedestal.No one of us is better than the other, only different; learn to accept people’s differences and see the world from a brighter perspective.


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