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The fall 2014 Mesa Legend Editorial staff is comprised of veteran and rookie editors alike – all of whom hope to leave their own unique mark in college newsprint.

Self-described as a “total geek” who enjoys watching anime and playing Yu-Gi-Oh! during his spare time, rookie Sports Editor Warren Younger plans to leave a lasting legacy at The Legend. “I hope to be remembered as one of the best if not the best to ever work for the Mesa Legend,” Younger said.

Joshua Bowling, MCC Sophomore and the new Up-To-Date Editor for the Legend, said he aspires to be an investigative journalist one day. “The most rewarding aspect of journalism so far, has been the simple ability to connect with other people,” Bowling said. “I always enjoy walking through our campus with a recorder and a camera, just talking to students.”

Veteran Opinions Editor, Julija Kaselyte, has written for various publications like and Interview Magazine for the past few years. Kaselyte said she is graduating in December and hopes to continue working in public relations for music management companies and music labels. “When I started interviewing big music acts it was more surreal than challenging,” Kaselyte said. “It’s just an unbelievable feeling when they sit in front of you and chat like regular people. I love it.”

Entering his third semester as the Legend’s talented Cartoonist, Sebastian Miguel is more than just a pretty canvas. “I gave up being an artist for a few years to pursue Horse Racing,” Miguel said. “I was in training to become a professional Jockey. However, I couldn’t get used to the injuries and having to heal every other month so I went back to school.”

Kian Hagerman returns for his fourth semester as the Copy Editor for the Mesa Legend. Hagerman plans to foster a creative, professional career in film. “I hope to either produce or direct film, including some documentary films. I want to tell stories from unique perspectives that harness the true power of a visual medium like film,” Hagerman said.

Legend Web Editor, Michael Shahin, said he continues to enjoy learning how to use social media as a learning tool for his career.  “The most challenging thing for me so far was learning how the journalistic writing style differed from the writing that I already knew and had been taught previously.”

Ryan Scott returns for his third semester as Editor-in-Chief of the Mesa Legend. A special feat considering the policy at The Legend is that EIC’s can only hold this position for two semesters. However, the motivation behind Scott’s ambitions remain humble and amount to simple happiness. “I just want to wake up every day and not hate what I do,” said Scott. “I think writing will play a big part with that, but in general I just love being creative.”

Mesa Legend Staff

Mesa Legend Staff

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Mesa Legend Staff

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