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Starz has begun airing an adaptation of ‘Outlander’ which is the first of a series of novels by Diana Gabaldon that incorporates many themes and literary genres set in historical context, such as science fiction and romance, to great effect.

The week after the first episode aired, the novel claimed the number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller list, and looks to remain a top contender on the list in coming weeks.

The show was picked up for a second season after only airing the first episode, which had over five million views in the first week it was aired, according to a Starz press release.

Aside from the recent adaptation of the book series reinvigorating sales, it has received a fair deal of acclaim.

For those interested in checking out the series, be prepared for a solid story with phenomenal character development and interesting twists that seem to always coax an emotional response.

The books in the series average around 1,000 pages each, which add up to a very detailed narrative that provides rich imagery.

The show takes a similar pace, intending to offer the viewer as much information from the source material as is possible in the medium.

The novel is written from a first person perspective; some might find this an interesting choice, but it can allow for the reader to place themselves into events with ease.

Centering on Claire Randall, a British Army nurse who finds herself transported through time, back to 18th century Scotland.

The development of the story in the series is tied together by the historical events that Claire finds herself in, which are painstakingly detailed and for the most part true to life.

Taking the time to read the novels is rewarding, even if one plans to also watch the television series; it may even enhance the experience.

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