Why we need the holidays back

By: Michael Shahin

The holiday season has started, and is going strong this year.

Many of us have our traditions with our families and loved ones, while many others are outside camping in front of a store.

A few years ago, Black Friday was only for tech stores, but being it’s a growing thing in our country; everyone does it.

This has been a growing trend in the past few years, in our country.

Many people will camp out in front of stores to get the products they want, for a slight discount.

People have been camping outside of Best Buy from the week before Thanksgiving, and will be in front of the store on the holiday when we should  be thankful for what we do have.

I love technology more than other people.

I’m what some people call an “early adopter”. I get most of my technology on day one, and do enjoy some camping.

However, camping for six days, missing time with my family and Thanksgiving for a product is too far for me.

I won’t be shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, and feel the businesses that don’t need to be open on Thanksgiving that are open should be closed/boycotted for the day.

This Black Friday has made it where businesses force their employees to work on Thanksgiving, and won’t let anyone request it off if they’re open.

This takes away from family time, and I hope one day, it will stop.

While many places will be open on Thanksgiving, there are still some places that feel being open would not be acceptable.

Barnes & Noble had posted this on their website “We will be closed Thanksgiving Day, November 27 so that our booksellers can be with their family and friends. We will re-open on Friday, November 28.”

This is a business that is successful, in a difficult industry and is willing to let their employees and customers spend time with their families for the day.

In classes I hear people wanting to buy items on Black Friday, and what they’re planning on looking for; yet when I ask for their Thanksgiving plans I’m looked at as if I asked a question about quantum physics.

I believe we are so lost, we don’t even recognize it and are being held down by these corporations in thinking we need the sales and can’t live without them.

I believe we, as a country, need to get this week back to Thanksgiving week, and not the Black Friday week.

Mesa Legend Staff

Mesa Legend Staff

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