Both students, teachers should be more understanding

By: Julija Kaselyte

I’ve gone to a few different schools and had a fair share of it.

I noticed some interesting yet sometimes bothering things in the academic field.

We typically are used to blaming students for being irresponsible or lazy, right?

They are usually the ones who are late with their projects, “forget” to do homework or are late to class.

But how about teachers?

Are they always prepared?

I know a lot of great professors who would go an extra mile for their students.

I even got an internship opportunity just because a teacher forwarded the information about a company who was looking for interns.

And I really appreciate one sending interesting biology tasks based on video links, but what if when I open them, “content is not available” pops up?

What do you expect me to do?

I don’t just leave it like that and pretend we are free from homework this week.

I automatically email a professor saying that I am not able to complete tasks and would like to know how it can be fixed.

But when do I get a response back? A week later.

We have our “golden document” also known as syllabus. Sometimes we even have quizzes based on it, in other words, we are supposed to know the rules for every class and follow them.

If we, students, follow the rules, so should professors too.

Why don’t we all be good examples to each other?

If the policy says that late work is not acceptable or points are deducted for every late day, I want to submit a paper, math equations or whatever that is on time.

But what if the submission button is all I see with no tasks indicated?

Should I just do all equations in the 500 pages book?

I bet a lot of college students would just tell me to stop complaining and be content instead.

Who wouldn’t like to get a day off from homework?

Though to be honest, I don’t need one and I’m not complaining.

I’m just suggesting that why don’t we all start to follow up?

Come on, I know why I am here. Do you?

Let’s do what we are all supposed to do. Professors teach; students learn.

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