Breathing techniques & excercise can reduce stress

Leslie Philip

Many people find stress to be an everyday emotion, one that controls how you deal with problems, your environment, and even relationships. Sharon McLaughlin, a healthful living instructor at MCC, stated that an individuals mindset can have a large impact on stress.

“I think your attitude can affect stress positively or negatively, depending on how your feeling. If you meet it with a positive attitude it is much easier to overcome.”

McLaughlin also finds that, “different stress management techniques come into play when you notice stress developing.”

She suggested breathing techniques to help relieve stress before a test.

“You can take two or three minutes to sit and deep breathe before an exam or stressful event and that has a positive physical affect on your body,” said McLaughlin.

Another way, suggested by McLaughlin, to alleviate stress for college students is to get in a regular amount of physical activity and balance a hectic schedule with social events.

Francesca Pervencio, an international Business major, said she manages her stress by working out or going out to meet friends. She also stated she is the most under stress toward the end of the semester.

“Even moderate exercise can be beneficial,” said McLaughlin.

“If you have time in between classes, just follow the colorful footsteps around campus. If you finish where you started, then you’ve walked one mile. That’s known as the Mesa Mile,” she said.

Nursing student, Kelly Seefeld, has controlled her stress level by going to yoga classes, practicing deep breathing, and walking her dogs.

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