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We, as a society, live in a time and age where a lot of us depend on large technology corporations for many things.

Some look to Google to search, while others look at Apple to store pictures and other media files online.

While we come from a time where our parents would store people’s phone numbers in a book, now we store this type of information on our phones/tablets or even cloud services that are provided for us by corporations.

In the last month or so, these companies have been breached, and not in a small way.

Many celebrities were hacked within the iCloud services of Apple, and Google had almost 5 million passwords leaked a couple weeks ago.

Now, many do use these services for cloud storage, and love them.

However, with the Apple hacking it seems all the blame was on the hackers; not Apple.

Apple has been warned in the past about this problem that needed fixing, yet they didn’t see it as a problem.

Apple denied the issue at first, and later found out that it was the iCloud service that was hacked, and their response was for people to have better passwords.

We need to take back our rights, and not give all our information to these companies for free, and let them make revenue off of us.

We’re so ready to give them all our information, and not give it a second thought, and we can’t stand for that anymore.

Now with the release of iPhone 6, many are eager to use the Apple Pay services.

After they get hacked for photos, who’s to say they won’t lose the credit card information they’re going to be providing them with?

It is unclear whether we as a society have lost our rights to these companies, or just simply have given them up willingly for the extra ‘convenience’ we didn’t once have.

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