Internet awareness; what you should know about it

By: Michael Shahin

Most of us students, are on the internet constantly.

Some do their homework on it, some read on it, some post on social media and even game on it.

While there are many more things we use the internet for, we don’t seem to understand how the internet works.

I feel the educational system should require students to take an Internet 101 course, regardless of the degree they wish to pursue.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on being a doctor, or a sports analyst; you will use the internet. Everyone should know how to create files, send them, encrypt data, and take extra measures on creating secure passwords.

I laugh whenever I hear people using their parent’s birthdate as a password, to an account that may have billing information and would allow someone to take their identity in one swoop.

We should teach the students on what the internet has provided us within the last couple of decades, and how to operate on it in a safe way.

Too many times I’ve heard people just say they’ve agreed to a new End User License Agreement (EULA) and have no clue to what it is they agreed to, yet they’re upset when they feel they’re being used by the company.

We should be shown the true meaning of privacy, and how that term on the internet is thrown so far out the window, it’s lost any meaning.

First thing they would be able to teach the students is once you put anything on the internet, it’s out there, and it is not coming back.

So people should be more aware of what they’re uploading or be careful what they’re sending to their current boyfriend/girlfriend and it may come back in a way they won’t like.

We shouldn’t have a full generation of people who have no clue what the internet truly is, yet the same people seem to be  on it almost 24/7, regardless if they’re at work or in class.

I see people with their smart phones all the time, yet they have no clue how to do a simple backup for their device, but they can explain how to update their status about the Venti latte they just purchased.

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