Is Obama’s honeymoon over or has he made great strides

Terrisa Mays

The honeymoon is officially over.
After all the amazing speeches and talk of hope the still new presidency of Barack Obama is virtually stagnant and frankly, except for an arguably undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, actually quite boring.
The energy created by Obama, his campaign and the many Americans who supported and voted for him, is dwindling rather quickly.
Now let me be clear, I am by no means an Obama basher, I actually voted for him. But I am an informed citizenpracticing my God given right of healthy objection.
Obama is not currently doing any worse or better than any of our former commanders in chief, but the looming inactivity is a little discouraging.
While I am very aware that Obama has his hands tied with the ever present health care issues and attempting to improve his public image, there are still problems that need attention.
Unemployment hit a 26 year high, and according to the U.S. Labor Department there was the loss of 263,000 jobs, and in August, job losses were up 60,000 from the previous month.
Major cities are incapacitated; Detroit’s morgues are piling, because not only can the citizens not afford to bury their dead, but neither can the city.
A possible solution to our ever intimidating financial problems is not to continue to extend unemployment benefits, but to creat jobs.
Remember that promise? We, as Americans, should attempt to be objective citizens; it would definitely prevent us from lapping at the feet of Barack Obama because he is a Democrat.
The challenge is that Americans need reminding that true change start from the bottom up.
You want more out of a politician? Inform yourself first before making illogical judgments and choices.
Be an informed individual and hold those who represent you responsible, after all it’s what we elect them for.

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