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Sex and conflict

Sex & Conflict cartoon
Illustration by Gabriela Juarez/ Mesa Legend

Men should not have to ask a woman their age when they go out to a club. Why should that be a requirement for men to do so? When a man goes to a club or a bar they are only looking for a good time if that means to hang out with the guys, get a drink or even maybe taking a woman home. If a guy is looking to take a woman home why should they worry about her age?They should not need to. By no means are we saying rape is the victim’s fault because it is not. If a guy is going out with his friends and is of age he should not worry. If a female comes into the club underage with a fake I.D. knowing she is underage and feels guilty the next morning, she should not use rape as a way to escape her guilt.

From the male’s perspective, it is not always fair for them to be the accused in such situations. If a girl is talking with a older guy and gets caught by her parents why should it be okay to get the male in trouble when they both were in the wrong. Getting deeper into this topic, this year there have been multiple rapes that were reported in the news about young male college students who had raped women and are getting minimal to no prison time like Austin Wilkerson who avoided prison time for sexual assault of an intoxicated woman. Or even speaking about Brock Turner who sexually penetrated an intoxicated woman behind a garbage bin. What do these young men have in common? They are white Caucasian young men.

Let’s be realistic for a moment if a person was black or Hispanic, anything other than white they would be booked and sent to prison for a very long time. But when it comes to a white Caucasian they seem to be getting let off with minimal to no consequences. If a person were to search the word “rape” on Google and look through news they can find many different articles on this subject but will see a lot of if it comes to young white college students that they are changed with not much of anything. But one can see how many different articles about adults or different races are indeed charged with years in prison. In this day and age it seems to be that no one can get a real answer on if it’s the court systems or what that is making these decisions of letting these young college students walk.

In reality, it is not fair for the victims involved since they were brave to take this incident to the college and nothing is done about it. How these victims have to still walk among their attackers which could be why most victims feel it’s not worth telling because nothing will come out of it. Though the very idea of rape is horrific, there does however still need to be a presumption of innocence when charges are brought against an accused rapist. Victims of rape should immediately report the incident, and assist in the collection of all potential evidence if they seek a conviction for the offender. One of the most serious aspects of rape is how difficult it is to prove.An assailant can claim the sex was consensual even if there are signs of force, as rough sex is a common kink that partners engage in. Both sides should be treated with respect while in the judicial process; victims should be listened to and have their statements taken seriously, and those accused of rape should be given the benefit of the doubt that the law requires.

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