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Nikki Waldmann
Mesa Legend

Photo of Nikki WaldmannMakeup has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used to make their cosmetics from malachite and galena; other people around the world would use things such as berries and other natural remedies. In today’s society, there are over hundreds of different cosmetic companies. Statista.com says the cosmetic industry is making a revenue of $56.63 billion dollars. For years now hard work has paid off for anyone who works in the cosmetologist or esthetics industry, with the job title of being a makeup artist. But I feel that the title of a professional makeup artist will die out soon. I say that as a licensed professional cosmetologist, esthetician, and a consumer who purchases makeup on a daily basis as well.

I feel that the reason for why this is a dying job for people in the industry is because of social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social sites. It is so easy now for anyone to go online and watch videos on YouTube and learn how to properly contour or how to do flawless foundation. Yes these things are helpful for anyone doing daily makeup routines, but leave the job for a makeup artist out. With all these young teens/adults going online daily to learn how to make that perfect winged eyeliner, it is going to make it an easy fix for anyone to just learn how to do these things on their own rather than pay for someone to do it for them. There are videos going around online of a young child who has to be no more than the age of six doing tutorials of how to do cute makeup looks. Yes, it is cute watching a young child put makeup on; but it is a little ridiculous seeing this little girl contouring her face.

This isn’t just your average fun play makeup, but full-faced makeup on a child. We already live in a world so into pop culture and how everything is photo-shopped in the magazines already, that it can teach young people that being natural is not accepted in this world anymore. It’s great being able to teach others tips and tricks of the makeup game but it can take away from the ones who have worked hard in the industry to get as far as they have.  I’m not by anyway saying its bad that we are learning how to perfect our skills because I for one love learning these tips and tricks as well. Just that it could indeed be a future of when new brides or models will no longer need to pay someone to do their makeup for them when they can do it themselves.

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