Legend’s View: Consequences will never be the same

“The very word ‘war’ has become misleading.  It would probably be accurate to say that by becoming continuous, war has ceased to exist. War is Peace.”

Strange that we seem to live in this pseudo-state of peace while the world falls to shambles all around us.

How fitting that in an era of the greatest cataclysm of political change this nation has seen, that suddenly, obscure changes to laws which protect citizen-rights would be made almost overnight.

If there was a way to sugar coat this, believe us, we would try.

Unfortunately there is no other way to break this news.

The indefinite detention and torturing of American citizens has been given the green light by Pres. Obama.

Once more, political jargon and megalomaniacal power struggles have allowed another “National Defense” act to pass through completely unopposed.

And just like its predecessors, the lofty and idealized version of national security and homeland safety can only properly be enforced if the entire U.S. population are subject to indefinite prison terms should they choose to dissent.

At least we’ll all be able to say that Obama really did bring change to our nation. We’ll all be able to whisper that fact to ourselves while we hide from police interrogations about our political affiliation.

This isn’t really a warning of something that might happen in the future. It already did happen, and the changes regarding our civil liberties and censorship will not be undone as long as those in power remain in power.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

Welcome back to college! We hope winter break was a fun cloister.


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