‘Los Murmullos del Ombligo’ to be performed in Phoenix

Tristan Spencer
Mesa Legend

The Nervo Theater troupe will be performing an original play entitled “Los Murmullos del Ombligo” — “The Murmurs of the Belly Button” in English — here in the Phoenix Center for the Arts from April 21 through the 23. “Los Murmullos del Ombligo” is an original work by José Antonio Ocegueda.  The play addresses the theme of women in its various ways and slopes.

The woman is seen from outside the established, of what has been said, contrary to the forced paradigms and the rules of a society that has molded her misogynous desire forgetting her natural and simple need to be. This work, for example, deals with violence, but in this case from an anti-establishment point of view, the violence of women against women, a passive violence with different faces and different forms of gestation; That silent way that is not spoken, silent as a “murmur” that passes from generation to generation within a society crushed by the nefarious practice of double standards.

“Los Murmullos del Ombligo,” presents an imaginary journey where the spectator is forced to dialogue with everything that happens in their environment, the theme: Women, women in their intimacy, in their social burden, in their freedom, in their own environment Natural, in a scream, women in abortion, in feminism, in leadership, in the loss of their identity, in death, in deep silence like a murmur.

The themes are addressed directly and clearly, sometimes with touches of surrealism and deconstruction, also going through the comedy using it always, as a sarcastic and irreverent proposal that culminates in a psychological approach, bitter and at the same time very funny by its own nature, leading the audience in a swing of emotions that makes clear the very style of the author to do theater.

This staging is a voluntary work of the writer and director José Antonio Ocegueda, where he decides after 4 years of not doing theater, join a group of women and through his theatrical technique take them to an organic experiment that requires discipline and deep dedication .  Through workshops and deep classes of performance based on a technique, Ocegueda takes these women to an imaginary visceral space where they undergo the metamorphosis necessary to be able to get immersed in the different profiles of each character.

Some of the actresses have in their possession some previous approach with the art such as the poetry, design, photography, etc. “Los Murmullos del Ombligo” also contains several proposals on the scene that are full authorship of the actresses themselves as part of their theatrical formation and their direct obligation to the creation. “Los Murmullos del Ombligo” is the end result of the work and effort of each of the members of Nervo Theater, a constant in overcoming their own limits and fears, a staging that perhaps in their own essence can inspire other ways of doing Theater through a catharsis between the body, the mind, the imagination and the immediate reality that surrounds the actor in a society in constant challenge.

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