Loveline’ provides sex-ed with a dose of humor

Parisa Amini

Parisa Amini
Mesa Legend”Loveline,” the radio program in which people call in to ask intimate questions about relationships, sexuality and addictions, has grown in popularity since its debut in 1983.
Dr. Drew Pinsky, an internist and addiction specialist, hosts the nationally broadcast program nightly, answering listeners questions.
A celebrity guest host usually sits in with Dr. Drew, who offers medical advice with a mix of humor.
In 1983, the show premiered on radio station KROQ in Los Angeles as part of a segment on the radio show hosted by DJ Jim “Poorman” Trenton and DJ Swedish Egil (Egil Aalvik).
About a year later, the program added a segment called “Ask a Surgeon” and Dr. Drew became a part of the show.
Since then, there have been changes in the hosts, including the addition of Adam Carolla in 1995.
Interest in the show peaked during the “Carolla and Pinsky” years. They had a chemistry that worked well with Carolla’s humor and Dr. Drew’s expertise.
Dr. Drew currently hosts the show with a rotating cast of guests and co-hosts.
Suzy Horton, a psychology professor at Mesa Community College, thinks favorably of the show.
“I think it’s absolutely fabulous,” Horton said.
Sex is a subject in which there is as much misinformation as information, and Horton believes that “Loveline” is a good program to listen to for advice.
“We don’t teach good sex education in school,” Horton said.
“Anywhere people can go to get good, factual information is great.”
The show relies heavily on a mix of medical information and humor.
Burt Munson, 25, believes this combination works well.
“I remember listening to that show and how they gave good advice, but also made fun,” Munson said.
Adan Hinojosa, 25, also appreciates the honesty and wisdom of Dr. Drew.
“The best part of Dr. Drew is his complete inability to deliver bull,” Hinojosa said.
“He’s incredibly efficient at getting through to people.”
Horton agreed.
“The show works well because humor defuses anxiety,” she said.
“Our society still believes that sex is taboo.”
Horton believes Dr. Drew is someone that people can relate to because he has a good mix of skills, personality and humor.
“He’s an authoritative no nonsense kind of guy. He’s not afraid to say you’re wrong,” Horton said.
“And he’s a good looking guy, too,” she added.
When asked whether she would like to have a job like Dr. Drew, Horton said she wasn’t sure.
“Probably not, I like to (do) research and I don’t know if I’d be good at answering questions off the cuff.

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