MCC tennis teams perform well despite windy weather

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Both the Men’s and Women’s Mesa Community College tennis teams won their games against Glendale Community College on Thursday, March 23 2017.  Both games were played in windy conditions and the Men’s game was fraught with injuries. The Women’s team blanked their opponent and won all their sets beating their opponents 9-0. The Men’s team lost only nine matches and won 8-1, losing one match by forfeit due to an injury.

After two weeks, the teams returned to conference play; the wins raised the men’s team to seven wins and three losses overall, and three wins and no losses in conference play, and the women’s team, nine wins and three losses overall, and four wins and no losses in conference play. Hanna Nelson beat Yulma Lopez in both her sets 6-0 as did Michelle Fournier when she played Julidany Ortega in singles.

No. 43 nationally ranked player Yolanda Carlon also had two perfect 6-0 singles matches against A. Morales. Julia Ortiz also had strong singles matches against Sunniva Juliussen at 6-1 each. No. 32 nationally ranked player Naa Ankrah also had an excellent singles performance with 6-0 and 6-1 matches. No. 13 ranked player Khanh Huynh rounded out the pack with a solid win over Julia Hansen in singles with 6-1 and 6-3 wins.

Naa Ankrah and Khanh Huynh beat G. Mercado and A. Morales 8-1. Yolanda Carlon and Julia Ortiz beat Julia Hansen and Sunniva Juliussen 8-0. Lastly, Michelle Fournier and Hanna Nelson beat Julidany Ortega and Yulma Lopez 8-0.  The men’s team forfeited one match due to an incomplete lineup because of an injury. Also, In No. 14 ranked David Felix’s singles match against Matthew Pascal, Pascal suffered and injury and was forced to leave the match at 4-1. David won his other match by a final score of 6-0.

Kim Donghyun defeated Andrew Arnold in both games 6-1. Noel Maurin beat Nathan Salim 6-1 and then 6-0. Eduardo Couto also beat Manon Pascal 6-2 and 6-1. No. 31 nationally ranked player Linus Holthey had strong wins against Bryan Castanon with 6-0 games. In doubles, the men performed equally as well. Noel Maurin and Linus Holthey beat Matthew Pascal and Manon Pascal 8-1. Matt Fischer and David Felix defeated Andrew Arnold and Bryan Castanon. Lastly, Eduardo Couto and Kim Donghyun beat Nathan Salim and James McLean 8-1.

Both Mesa Community College tennis teams finished with notches in the win column against Glendale Community College. The women’s team will visit Paradise Valley on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, and the men’s team will host P.V. on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. at Mesa Community College.

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