Monsoons Damage Practice Fields

Photo: Calais Hermosillo

As monsoon storms swarmed the Valley early August Mesa Community College (MCC) fields took some hard hits.
Heavy rains and high winds, reaching speeds of over 50 mph, came through the campus and caused a large amount of damage.

The MCC softball, practice soccer fields and the tennis courts fences were blown over. The fields were also flooded making it difficult to practice and get ready for the season to start.

This especially affects the soccer team which is currently in season. The team needs to practice

“It is not fair to our student athletes at all and to our coaches,” Athletic Director John Mulhern said,“that put so much time and effort for this college.”


The damaged areas are taped off with caution tape to keep everyone away.

Mulhern said he hopes repairs are made soon as recruits are coming in for visits.

The Facilities Director Steve Azevedo will have fences repaired starting with the soccer field on September 10 through Thursday September 14.

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