Storms Play Havoc on Men’s And Women’s Soccer

Photo: Asher Kerr

Mesa and Scottsdale Community Colleges were not the victors in their most recent match.

The day was promising for a battle on the pitch between the two colleges with enormous puffy clouds in the horizon. This was the beginning of the season for the Thunderbirds. But, the teams would not take the center stage, the forces of nature would.

The game began at 5:30 pm on the campus of the Fighting Artichokes, Scottsdale Community College (SCC). Both teams went through their warm-ups and began the game as normal.

It was a great day for a game and with the clouds in the sky and the sun not beating down on the pitch with full force.
There was an aura about the weather that it could possibly become hazardous.

Off in the distance, the clouds had dark streaks descending to the Valley’s landscape. One particular patch was driving toward the soccer field and everyone in attendance.

The monsoon storm would not reach the field of play until nearly the end of the first half of play.
Teams remained on the field to finish play with on a couple of thunderclaps, but no threat of lightning.
Attendees scrambled for cover from the thunderstorm to avoid getting soaked, most people took refuge under the bleachers.

Monsoon storm cells were in view all around the valley from the venue, but the one that moved in over campus was particularly extreme.

The storm that hammered the campus looked like it could have been during a bombing run in France during World War II.
The second half commenced with the score 0-0. Both teams were attempting to be first to put a ball in the back of the other teams net.

They ran up and down the pitch until someone thought the storms were a threat, due to them producing lightning.
With 12:42 left in the match, teams went to a locker room to wait out the storm and if they did not subside after a certain amount of time the match would end in a tie.

The match ultimately ended in a tie. Subsequently, the women’s match was postponed because of the monsoon storms.
The Thunderbirds next match, men and women, was at home against the Geckos of Gateway Community College.

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