National Library Week to kick off with annual book sale

Parisa Amini

MCC will hold its annual book sale Thursday, April 29, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the first floor of the library for one day only. Usually, the event spans over two days, but due to the relocation of certain library staff – who usually sets up the book sale – the event was cut short for lack preparation time. The sale occurs once a year in the spring and has been held since the 1970s.

Carts filled with books will be set up in the open area near the information desk.

Purchases can be made with cash only. An ATM is located on the north side of the admissions/advising building for those who will need cash.

Most hardcover books will be sold for $1 each and most paperbacks for 50 cents.

Karen Kinzer, a member of the library collection staff, talked about the opportunity for the money-conscious.

“This is a chance to get some reading bargains,” Kinzer said.

Money from sales will benefit the library technician program scholarships in addition to other school programs.

A variety of books will be available for purchase. Attendees can expect fiction, non-fiction, magazines among others. This year, a number of classic Spanish language books were given.

Books sold at the event were obtained through donations.

“Donated books are examined for suitability to add to our library collection,” Kinzer said. “(Those) that do not meet library collection standards are then sold at the book sale.”

Library circulation staff member Judy MacQueen talked about the benefit of giving books. Donated books were available for a tax deduction.

“As people are preparing for tax time, it’s a good time (to donate),” MacQueen said.

While the library does not solicit donations, they are always accepting books.

The event will be held during National Library Week. MacQueen discussed the concept that there was a time to recognize the importance of libraries.

“I think libraries are not being valued like they used to because of what people have access to (via) the internet,” she said. “There’s just something about holding a book.

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