New art history library opens on MCC campus

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New art history library opens on MCC campus

Mesa Community College (MCC) Southern and Dobson campus added a timeless addition to the art department for students to view the evolution of paintings, sculptures, and influential artists.

On May 1, MCC dedicated The Library of Art History in the name of Professor Dr. Carole Drachler. Since the Library of Art History’s grand opening, students were eager to experience Dr. Drachlers world.

The gracious couple, David and Carole Drachler, donated $250,000 worth of novelties for students to experience different mediums of art.

Art collections, time periods, catalogs, and museum books take up majority of the display in the library, but there are special paintings that come directly from the Drachlers’ home.

“She was so passionate about what she did and as she retires and gets older, she was trying to decide what David and Carole may want to gift to MCC and decided they wanted to build a library.”  Art Department chair, Gingher Leyendecker said.

With flexible summer hours, students flocked to the new art library and now with school in session, art history faculty are using the art library for assignments in their classes.

Due to the rarity, books are not checked out from the library. According to Leyendecker, an MCC employee will work in the library to help art and communication students.

“This is also just supposed to be a study space.. so communications shares this building, their students can come in and practice their speeches.” Leyendecker said.

Inside the library, “Interested Parties Please Take One,” donation bin is on display for students to take postcards, folios, small pop-ups, and photos for keepsakes.

In addition to donations, professors will provide slideshows from their classes on the tv screen in the new library to give people a chance to study the material before a test.

Students have the opportunity to absorb historical art from the 18th and the 19th century that they will not receive from technology sources. Leyendecker hopes to add current textbooks, on specific shelves, in the future.

“Nobody reads books anymore, but books are really special and this is a place that proves it,” Leyendecker said.

Drachlers paintings will not be the only artwork on the walls. Gallery showings will give student artists at MCC a chance to present their own creations.

Leyendecker plans on exhibiting art for significant events such as Women’s History Month and Black History Month.

During the tour, Leyendecker pointed out a particular aspect of the sitting area. Every chair, table, and high-top counters are perfectly designed for students to comfortably study in groups.

MCC’s development office and Martha Pfeiffer, a designer who works at MCC, helped Leyendecker design the entire library. The old computer lab in the AC 30 building is now a refurbished learning environment.

Dr. Drachler left a legacy for all of MCC to cherish throughout the years. For those with the same passion, the Art department’s library gives you the perspective of a world-traveled art historian.

Dr. Carole Drachler Library of Art History is located in the AC 30 building on the  Southern and Dobson Campus. The Library is now open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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