Passing problem classes is possible with time and effort

By: Kian Hagerman

As the end of the semester draws near, final grades for classes start to take shape.

Those that might be lagging behind in classes shouldn’t feel the situation is hopeless, and give up now.

Success can be attained, even in classes where one is failing; all it takes is the hard work and dedication to pull out of the tail spin.

There are plenty of classes that weight the overall grade, favoring assignments turned in during the last few weeks of classes.

Digging in and making the most of the work left to be done can yield a more favorable outcome in a class that is causing distress.

Examine what approach is taken toward the class, and try to figure out what can be changed that can lead to desired results.

Talk to the instructor, and find out exactly what they are looking for in those assignments so that work can be tailored accordingly.

Take the time to study further in advance; big finals that make up a large portion of a class grade should be taken much more seriously than quizzes that have come before.

Think of it as many instructors do; as a culmination, a demonstration of class comprehension.

If one currently has earned only 50 percent of available points for assignments so far, in

a class where 50 percent of the overall grade is reserved for final projects and tests, a solid C is still within grasp.

Communication is key in these situations, because instructors are often understanding of the plights of students.

The struggles of being a college student aren’t necessarily unique to one person; in fact, often the opposite is true.

Understanding is only the first step, though, and one will still need to earn the best grade they can.

Realize that making noticeable gains to drive a poor grade up will require more out of one’s work than if one is already doing well in a class, and exert that much more energy.

Make the effort to reach out and one might learn of opportunities to improve the chance of completing a class.

One can see if there are any opportunities for extra credit in a class, as many instructors offer the chance for students to pad their grade in this way.

Offer to do extra work, or see if assignments can be reworked and resubmitted to receive a higher grade.

Stressing over past failures accomplishes little, and there is no positive benefit from wallowing in self-pity.

Nothing is going to be handed to you, but doing nothing changes nothing.

Be proactive, and seek out the path to success and the chances of attaining a good grade in any class raise dramatically.

Resigning to failure when triumph is within reach should never be an option.

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