Powder puffs are homecoming delight

Vangana Maka

What more can you ask for at halftime but to sit back and enjoy the entertaining dance put on by male cheerleaders, and the powder puff football game between the staff and students of MCC.
During an exciting T-bird homecoming, the fans cheered for more than just their T-bird football players.
As the men started off with their routine bringing the crowed to an overwhelming laughter, the women gained the crowd’s attention, with a fun and energetic game that had fans at the tip of their seats.
Alicia Lewis, a staff member in the MCC business department, waited patiently on the sideline, as Michael Clore, a sophomore at MCC, called her to the field to take her position.
The ladies presented an intimidating image, with hair tied back and traditional black eye paint. Game faces ready, the powder puff girls developed into quite a team.
With a mixture of students and staff the game was played in just few minutes, but ended with a bang, as touch football nearly transitioned into tackle football.

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