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The ultimate hypocrisy of pursuing higher education is that students who earn degrees often acquire mass amounts of debt through student loans.

Why do we fall for this scheme? Simply put society has taught us that college degrees will open the door to more opportunities, higher pay and social prestige.

That is fine.

However, not realistic. More than ever, college graduates across the nation are finding themselves jobless. The degrees they earned being nothing more than a piece of paper representing years of hard work without the reward.

What would happen if college students stopped idolizing the dollar and started chasing knowledge instead?

Perhaps young intellectuals would begin realizing their true potentials, without being bogged down with the pressure to have perfect grades and a flawless grade point average.

Stress kills creativity, when there is too much of it. Focusing on grades rather gaining the appropriate education that comes with attending college defeats the actual purpose of pursuing a higher education.

Somewhere along the line, a college education became more about the bottom line, rather than the lessons this experience can teach those who are still aware.

It is undeniable that the decision to improve one’s lot in life is a commendable act. For a lot of people going or returning to school is a chance to start over and learn new skills which will hopefully broaden their chances of becoming employable quickly.

The cold hard truth is that money does not keep you warm at night.

Every student has the opportunity to learn life skills at college that prime them for being successful, not only in the financial sense, but in the spiritual sense as well.

Once students start believing in themselves, and all that they can change for the better, money will only be one of many motivating factors when deciding to attend college.

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