Why don’t students like committing

Michael Shahin

All too often I see many students say what their dreams are, and what they wish to be late in life.

Then you ask them what plans they have to get there, and they say something like “I don’t know.” or “I’m not sure.”

Plans aren’t made for their futures, and they think it will just happen for them.

While many do plan it out, many more don’t.

It’s not just for their futures; it goes with many other things that I see students not wanting to commit whether it be time, effort, or even thought process.

One of the main things that I’ve noticed is the Mesa Community College parking lot is usually full, if you have morning classes like I do; so it might be a little time issue to get a spot if you come a few minutes later.

If you come late to the parking lot after Spring Break, I won’t even have to hesitate to tell you how the parking lot will be, as I’m sure it will be empty.

Why do students drop 

off after so much hard work, and give up at the end near the finish line?

Still not sure why a student is willing to pay, or have their mother/father pay for their tuition, and know they will quit after a break we get.

While I do love the empty parking lot, I can’t help but wonder if the students drop off due to lack of motivation, no will, faith in themselves in their school abilities, or just laziness.

I also hear some of the students who are in full time and know their work schedule for the year, yet believe they can manage when some can’t.

I hear people tell me they don’t have enough time to do all this homework or studying they have going on.

Then I ask how they had time to go to a concert or sporting event last week, and they say “oh, but I bought those tickets long time ago.” or something along those lines.

I just think if you commit to a full school load, I feel you should just finish, and get it done so you will be able to do those fun things you really enjoy when you’re done.

I won’t see many after Spring Break, for the ones I do, I say good job, and stick with it as you’re almost done.

Don’t let that little break make you take an extra-long detour.

Take time before you set your goals, and make a plan. Attack the goal on how you wish to get it completed, and what are the best and most effiecient ways it can be done.

Remember, all of us students are here for the education, and to get that  document. Let’s do it the best way possible.

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