Spring break hook-ups, a fun time or a quick way to STDs

Jessica Coate

Spring break is known around the world as the time to take a break from school and let loose a little, or a lot. All over the United States college students are planning their big spring break plans, with one question looming over them, where to go this year?

With trips to Rocky Point in Mexico, Lake Havasu or Las Vegas, most college students want to have a good time and escape from the pressures of school.

“Hooking up” is one of those spring break rituals that dates back to when spring breaks first began.

The 1960’s movie, “Where the Boys Are,” depicts four college girls on spring break on the sandy Florida beaches in Fort Lauderdale. The film is not known for a romantic sunny vacation, but the changing sexual attitudes in young adults.

In the movie, the character Ryder Smith, played by George Hamilton, says, “Experience! That’s what separates the girls from the Girl Scouts.”

So, how do girls feel about spring break hook ups?

“Spring break hook ups are just gross,” said Charissa Bull, an MCC student. “You really don’t know what disgusting diseases someone has. And who says they aren’t lying when they say (they’re) clean.”

Tessa Pinkerton, business management major, had a different perspective.

“I don’t know what the big deal is. I think it’s your own decision if you want to hook up with a stranger, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with going out and experimenting and having fun.”

Are guy’s views of spring break hook ups that different from the girls?

“Honestly, I’m for it. If you’re single and that’s the lifestyle you want to live, then live up the life while you’re still young,” said Daniel Mata, criminal justice major.

“I think hook ups on spring break happen because of so much built up energy,” said Brian Norris, MCC student.

Jared Hoffman, film and media major at ASU, goes on the side of safety when it comes to random sexual encounters.

“Personally, no, I am not for hook ups.

“There are too many things that could go wrong, including STDs. And it’s against what I believe,” he said.

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