T-Bird baseball’s biggest bat All-American Darian Johnson

Jeff Moses

Mesa Thunderbird outfielder Darian Johnson is on no uncertain terms dedicated to winning. Without hesitation, he answered “no” when asked if he would be disappointed with a championship season, without replicating his All-America honors from last year.

Johnson, a sophomore, committed to Lamar University in Beaumont Texas early in the signing period making his intentions known on Nov. 10.

He said he made his decision based on Lamar’s “dedication to players moving on” to major league baseball.

“I want to play baseball as long as I can,” Johnson said when asked where he saw himself after college, even though his major is forensic psychology.

Johnson is somewhat of a baseball purest, saying “I like to watch the Yankees because they play baseball the way it was played 50 years ago . classy and clean cut.” He also said that Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano is his favorite player.

In addition, Jonson said that Mesa Athletics “could definitely use more support” and that there “is not enough fan base” showing up for athletic events.

The Skyline High School graduate who played for his father at SHS said he has been around baseball a long time which has made him “versatile” on the baseball field.

Johnson said he listens to classical music before taking the field on game day, and “muse sometimes”.

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