Spring Fling

Nick Kosmider

It might have taken some bribing, but the line of students waiting to cast ballots was a long one on April 15, as ASMCC held elections for next year during MCC’s Spring Fling event.Student interest in voting was likely motivated by free burgers being given out to anyone who voted, a promotion members of ASMCC touted as “Burgers for Ballots.”

Whatever the reason, voter participation was much higher than during last spring’s election when a total of only 27 ballots were cast. Last year though, only Betty Jo Lenhart, this year’s president, was on the ballot and ASMCC was forced to appoint officers to remaining positions.

This year was a slight improvement as there were students running for two positions, but both students ran unopposed for those positions.

Earl Guenther, this year’s ASMCC vice president, was the lone nominee on the ballot for the position of president for next year.

Betty Jo Morgan, formerly Lenhart, who served as ASMCC president this year said that while she thinks participation should be greater, she is pleased with the work her staff has done over the past year.

“We have to done a lot of really good things this year, like coming up academic grants for student programs,” Morgan said as she stood watch at the balloting table.

The election process, though, was the not the lone highlight of the Spring Fling.

During the event MCC clubs were on hand in the courtyard to give students information about their clubs, including opportunities for students to get involved next school year.

The highlight of the Spring Fling, though, was the dunk tank.

Students were given the opportunity to let it rip and sink members of ASMCC as well as their own Dean of Students Sonya Pearson.

“What did I ever do to you guys?” Pearson asked jokingly after a line drive throw from a student dropped her into the cold water.

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