Nothing recreational about drug addiction

For young people, going to college and moving out on their own is a time to experience a wide array of new things.They get the opportunity to live on their own for the first time and have the fun that comes along with that independence.

There is also the potential to meet new people and make all kinds of new friends.

For all the fun and excitement that comes along with this stage in life there are also many new dangers lurking around the corner.

Many of us see the countless ads and the various groups and organizations warning young people about the dangers of drug use.

We see the horror of the physical side effects in pictures depicting people who got to the point of being unable to control their drug use.

We hear and read about the ways in which drug addiction has ruined so many aspects of peoples’ lives.

Their relationships with families and friends, their productivity in school and work all suffer tremedously.

In many cases these things are lost to the powerful demon of addiction.

Still after seeing the ads and hearing about the suffering and regret, many people think it won’t happen to them.

But how many really take into consideration and understand the true and horrible realities of addiction?

Addiction is a very real and very serious effect of drug use and abuse.

With many drugs, this effect can kick in after trying it only once.

Those who have experienced being addicted to drugs and or alcohol would argue that few can likely grasp the devastation of addiction.

The truth of the matter is that it is affecting more and more young people every day.

There is no intention here to preach to anyone not to do drugs.

There is no formula offered here to present a certain way people should live their lives.

But to have a better understanding of the devastation caused by addiction is something people should reach for.

It is something everyone should know more about whether they are personally experiencing it or not.

Those who become addicted have chosen to use.
They have decided to run the risk of possibly becoming addicted.

They have chosen a path they likely knew would prevent them from accomplishing future goals.

But friends and family in the path of the addict were never given the choice, yet their lives experience an equivocal, merciless devastation.

Many people who become addicted at some point made a bad decision.

They were never, and likely still aren’t, bad people.

However, addiction often transforms them and the path back out can be tremendously difficult and overwhelming.

There are many directions the finger can be pointed when it comes to placing blame for the drug problems in our country.

Regardless of which way they are pointing, it does little to ease the lasting pain
caused by addiction.

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