Stop bragging about being busy; it doesn’t make you cool

By: Julija Kaselyte

Lately I’ve noticed a new trend on social media networks.

I call it “being busy.”

You would probably ask what I’m talking about, but, seriously, go check your Facebook or Twitter.

How many people do you follow or are friends with post about how busy they are?

Social media is a perfect place for bragging, but why do you have to tell the entire Internet that you are swamped with work and don’t have time for basically anything?

To me it doesn’t even make sense because if you are that busy, you wouldn’t have time to even talk about it online.

Honestly, I also don’t think anyone cares about your busy schedule.

Or screenshots of your inbox with unanswered emails.

When I see such posts, I forget about them in the next few seconds.

I don’t sit and think to myself, “Oh, he is so busy, I wonder what he’s up to.”

You know, I’m too busy to think about other peoples’ lives and what they’re doing.

But then I get on Instagram and see a similar circus there.

People bragging about their businesses in their captions with “no days off” hashtags.

The question is, is it really that important to let everyone know that you are occupied with a bunch of tasks and barely have a break?

I don’t think it’s just a simple wish to brag or show that you are not a slacker.

It’s more than that. It’s a way to beg for attention and a desire to be preached and appreciated.

It’s also a way to feel important.

Say whatever you want, but it’s ridiculous.

The reason why I don’t post my every step of what I do is because I don’t see why I should.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I share the results of my work, but I don’t think I need to write a novel about how much time it took to get it done.

Even if I really spent a million hours on a project.

But I don’t need anyone to praise me for that.

However, apparently the “being busy” trend has just started and won’t go anywhere for quite some time and will just grow.

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