Why working in groups isn’t ideal

By: Michael Shahin

I’m a student who’s been in many classes, and worked on many assignments.

I’ve had my fair share of assignments that were solo work, and some were group projects.

I never had a problem working by myself, as I knew what I was capable of and how much time I would need to allocate to get a certain part done.

It’s when I worked in groups that I saw what others did.

I’m not a person who hates others, but I am a bit shy at times. This is usually noticed by other group members, but I always put in my part and stick to my word.

If I say I will do something, I do it. And I’m finding out some people just like to keep group members hanging on.

Telling me your internet was out all weekend in today’s age, is a little hard to believe. We have plenty of others ways, or a form of communication to let others know you had a problem.

However, I feel if there’s a group of four people, we should all agree on what we’re doing and be as fair as possible.

While I was in High School, I expected people to slack off and not take it seriously. I knew people didn’t care, and they would just coast to get whatever grade they got and be happy with it.

I never really got bothered, I was the one who did it all and made sure my A was earned, not given.

However, I had no idea this would continue in college.

Too many times I have been placed into groups, and forced to do others’ work.

I’ve tried to speak with the professors at times, and they just tell me something along the lines of “Work it out.”

And I’m sitting there like the idiot wondering what I’m doing wrong and how this helps the ones slacking in the future.

One way I’ve seen a professor fix this issue is having each group create contracts between one another.

This is beautiful.

It’s a real world experience, and removes all complications one group may have with a member or two.

In one group if the person did not contribute what they agreed to, they will have their name removed from the paper and receive a zero for whatever the assignment was.

We didn’t have one problem for the whole semester, and worked off each other and helped when needed.

This was a great group and felt like it should be used more.

I just think the people who leach off others in these groups are the slackers we have in this world, and should realize they should pick up their slack and stop leaching off someone else.

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