“The Improvables” improved my life

Photo: Stephen Peck

The Improvables is a theater students’ improv performance, which involves audience performance at Mesa Community College.

The show has been running since the Fall 2017 semester in the Mesa Community College Theater. The Improvables ran it’s first show on Aug 30.

Sometime in November, the Improvables will be performing again.

Stage Door Players is responsible for the entertainment and they report to the theater department for planning all of their shows.

The improv is an hour long involving a number of different topics for adults. The weak stomached or easily offended are not urged to attend.

One of the topics was a party was being held and the guests involved Lady Gaga, a person who was extremely touchy-feely, and a spoon.

At one point, the touchy-feely person has the host by the head and ruffling her hair.

Another skit, Stage Door Players had four of their members stand in a square, one member in each corner and at some point a designated member would yell switch left or right.

The audience was asked for topics, two were dairy farmers one played the farmer and the other played a cow about to milked.

Next was a couple that got pregnant, the interesting part was the guy was not interested in the pregnancy.
She asked him to check her downstairs, due to her pregnancy, and he acted like he was checking her legs.
The other two were a couple stuck on a ski lift and a teacher and her student.

The show would have been better if the group would have had some skits ready to perform without the audience performances.

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