Feature Athlete: Trevor Renfro

Photo: Asher Kerr

The center in football is considered to be a leader of the O-line and a key contributor to the entire offense.

Every play starts in the center’s hands, it is his job to snap the ball to the quarterback while making sure he is precise and on time. Mesa Community College (MCC) football center Trevor Renfro . With a frame of 6’3” 280 lbs . and a bench press of over 400 lbs, he is just what MCC needs as the anchor to the offensive line.

Renfro is a MCC freshman from Centennial High School in Peoria where he played guard. Without receiving an offer from a university, he decided to come to MCC.

“I knew coach Sowers…when he got the job he and coach Felker came out and they gave me an offer. I trust what both of them believe in and what they can accomplish,” said Renfro.

Renfro hopes to get a division one scholarship after this season but doesn’t particularly have a preference on a university.
“All I care about is I want to go somewhere where they want me and they will provide my education paid for so I don’t have to worry about that,” said Renfro.

When he is not clearing the way for his running back, you will find him deep into his studies.

“I just like studying, I know it sounds like a common thing people want to say, but when we first got the playbook I tried to memorize everything,” said Renfro.

Renfro is currently working towards a degree in sociology because he likes helping people. He also did sports medicine while in high school and still holds an interest to pursue it.

“I helped out a few weeks ago at my old high schools’ game and everyone needed stretched out so I started working them and that was pretty fun,” said Renfro.

Renfro currently holds the record for bench press at his high school with an impressive 465 lbs. Renfro is very humble with his record, claiming “records are meant to be broke. So maybe in the next few years, somebody will break it.”

MCC is off to a good start early in the football season. The offense has shown it can grind it out with the run game or catch the defense with a big play through the air. Renfro and the rest of the O-line plays a pivotal part in this in both types of attacks .

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