The integration of church and state

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The separation of church and state in America is a joke.

Whatever ideas our founding fathers had of keeping the church’s influence out of politics were all for nothing.

It’s not too hard to understand why it’s a good idea, keeping the influence of a hate-mongering religion like Christianity out of the law-making process.

For thousands of years, Christianity has oppressed others who thought differently than the church.

Those oppressed people can be considered the lucky ones because history has taught us that Christianity has possibly committed the biggest acts of genocide ever known to mankind.

So getting back to the topic of separation of church and state you may now have a clearer understanding for why it’s necessary to have a separation of the two.

If you’re looking for evidence of there being influence of Christianity in government look no further than the current hot topic of gay marriage.

The current laws restricting gay marriage have been based on the Christian belief that marriage is a holy union between one man and one woman.

If two people love each other and care for one another enough who is our government to say they shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Marriage should be emotion based and not sexual orientation based.

Those against gay marriage might try to avoid the fact that religion has something to do with it by saying the current restrictions on gay marriage are to protect the integrity of marriage.

Well I call shenanigans!

Not only are divorce rates as high as they’ve ever been in America, but when you can go to one of several dozen wedding chapels on the Las Vegas strip and order wedding pack C that includes an Elvis-themed wedding, coffee mugs with your wedding picture on them and an annulment; you can’t tell me there’s any integrity in that.

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