Trump The Trojan Horse?

Adam Dangerfield
Mesa Legend

Adam Dangerfield


The best thing that could have ever happened to the Democratic Party this election cycle is the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. If I was a cynic, I would even bet that Trump was planted by the Dems to throw a wrench in the Republican machine. Just think of this scenario: deep inside the bowels of a Democratic think tank, a team of the sharpest minds in politics, marketing, and show-biz cook up a most brilliant scheme with all the subterfuge and treachery of a tragic Shakespearian play. Picture rooms full of these operatives carefully monitoring & studying the many disenfranchised republican voters out there, who’s lot in life has been greatly diminished; who have lost faith in the Republican “Establishment;” and are praying for a outide savior to come save them from the dreaded Hillary Monster.

Utilizing the most advanced techniques and sophisticated computer models in the fields of psychology, marketing research and political analysis, the operatives concoct a formula with a populace (and unrealistic) message which quickly dismantles the campaigns of all the other Republican candidates. Some of whom are well qualified and a real threat to Hillary should they ever make it to the general election. All the operatives need now is someone who would be willing to play the part of that savior.  Someone who is really one of their own but who could, with a straight face, gallantly step up and tell those disenfranchised republicans that he will “make America Great Again!” Wow, is it any wonder that that slogan struck such a chord with beleaguered Republicans? After all, it’s a line blatantly stolen from the patron saint of Republicans, Ronald Ragan. The operatives know exactly what buttons to push.

It seems to me that Trump repeatedly does almost everything he can to undercut his own supporter’s efforts to get him elected: from rabid tweets, vague to non-existent (and even unrealistic) policy plans, to the continuous resurrection of old skeletons in the closet which is alienating many important voters. Not to mention the lack of any real Trump headquarters at local levels.Trump even brags about not spending any money on his campaign. Wow, the only time in Donald Trump’s life where he decides to be frugal just so happens to coincide with the time he is running for President of the United States, how strange.

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