Consider health benefits in marijuana on voting day

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Consider health benefits in marijuana on voting day

Nikki Waldmann
Mesa Legend

Photo of Nikki WaldmannElection month is almost upon us here in Arizona. Prop 205 is to regulate marijuana like alcohol which I feel is great and should have been done years ago. I feel as if the stigma behind marijuana is bogus. “It’s a drug and it’s bad for you,” yeah okay then why have there been zero deaths. Why have there been zero overdoses; go ahead and consider marijuana a drug but so are prescription pills and those are legal to take if a doctor prescribe you.  For crying out loud Advil is a drug and that is something to buy over-the-counter.  Might as well consider beer and hard liquor as a drug while you’re at it since it messes with one’s thought process, leaves people incoherent, violent, and has had approximately 88,000 deaths each year from excessive use says Marijuana has none of theses side effects other than maybe laziness, hunger, and creativity all depending on the type of marijuana one is using. The commercials on TV that are saying schools in Colorado received zero dollars from the earnings of recreational marijuana use is a lie.

The schools received around $27 million dollars according to Fox 31 “Denver” which to me is way more than noting.
Prop 205 is to regulate marijuana like alcohol meaning one will be able to purchase marijuana freely and be able to smoke it freely as well. The reason the pharmaceuticals are trying to rid of this idea is because they know they will lose millions in revue.  CBD oil,Tetrahydrocannabinol or pure THC have been promising to help anyone dealing with epilepsy. A well-documented young child named Charlotte who is five years old has Dravet Syndrome that causes seizures and delays in her development. This documentary shows how Charlotte dealt with three hundred seizures a week and from taking a low dosage of THC she now only has one seizure a day. If that isn’t a true sign in a positive use of marijuana then think of the other good it has done for other sickness, such as chronic pain, anxiety, even helps from cancers to stop spreading.

Medical marijuana has been a wonderful outlook for many chemo patients. I first hand have seen what the amazing size effect of marijuana can do for someone dying of cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her 80’s and lived until she was 83. During my grandmothers chemotherapy she would not want to eat and would have so many aches and pains from not only the cancer but from receiving the chemotherapy. Watching as someone you love dies from a horrible disease is not easy, and all you want for them is to be comfortable and pain free. The doctors and my grandmother decided to try marijuana and after she tried it everything became easier in her journey to fight for her life.She finally became hungry and wanted to eat. She felt hardly any aches and pains after using marijuana as well.  My grandmother beat the time the doctors gave her which was only six months. My grandmother lived a beautiful, happy pain free life for two years and I strongly believe marijuana made her life with cancer easy and prolonged her life as well. No I cannot prove marijuana saved my grandmother’s life but I can say she looked and felt one hundred times better after consuming marijuana.

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