YouTube health and fitness channels can help motivate those that desire change

Kian Hagerman
Mesa Legend

Health and fitness are important for those who desire to lead an active, fulfilling life and there are countless YouTube channels dedicated to these topics. The hosts of these videos often speak in absolutes, confident in the information that they communicate to their viewers. It is necessary to keep in mind when watching these channels that while the advice provided can be valuable, that skepticism should be applied. Anything one might decide to try should be thoroughly researched, especially given how easy it is to educate oneself using the vast resources available these days on the internet alone. This means doing some reading, and being willing to ask others that are more knowledgeable when it comes to a specific meal plan or workout regimen for more detailed data.

Consultation with a physician is also a step one should take to stay safe; if one’s health is a concern then ideally this is one decision that should not be taken lightly. Medical professionals are trained to know the ins and outs of the human body, and what it is equipped to handle. Having one as a guide when deciding the best method to choose, can help avoid disaster. Living in a society means not existing in a vacuum; take advantage of the fact that there are those that have dedicated their lives to the study and advancement of the collective knowledge of every conceivable topic.

Dietary plans can be extremely effective, if compatible with a person, or can be extremely dangerous if not. Even if compatible, sticking to a very specific, narrowly focused diet can also lead to nutritional deficiencies, if the diet isn’t properly balanced for those that intend to follow them for extended periods of time. Exercises, particularly those that involve weightlifting, can injure someone for life if performed improperly. Knowing the extent of one’s abilities and not pushing too hard, too fast can ensure that physical activities can be performed throughout one’s life.

It can be difficult to temper enthusiasm when motivated to improve one’s quality of life but staying safe while doing so should always be kept in mind.Even more so when watching someone who is communicating with the intention of motivating their audience.


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