Dirty Web site brings new meaning to ‘What did I do last night?’

Iliana Deanda

Have you ever wondered if there was such a site out on the web all about bashing people that you simply hate for the things that they do or say? Well there is, and it’s pretty brutal, it’s called The dirty is a site that allows anyone to send in a picture of someone and completely bash them, telling the public who they are and why you hate them.

I have viewed this site plenty of times and it amazes me.

It’s very amusing to see people’s flaws and it seems like that’s what we really only focus on. An evil joy comes from seeing the person crumble and to laugh at their expense.

Of course we all know that if it was us on the site for any web surfer to see that would be a different story.

On the other hand, people are careless about the photos that they take and put on their facebook or myspace. Very often, girls on these networking sites take pictures of themselves and friends in vulnerable situations such as drinking or sitting on the toilet. They are advertising their pictures to the world, just begging for someone to copy and paste them to the site.

Most of the submissions on the site are about getting revenge on someone or possibly about someone who has played a few girls and they want to bash him for doing untrustworthy things, never leaving a dirty detail about the situation out.

All I have to say is be careful who you betray and think twice before posting pictures on the web or even getting yourself into situations where photos like those could possibly be snapped.

Employers often check these sites now before hiring young adults and you never know when your pictures from that one wild weekend could end up on the site.

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