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Frowning doesn’t mean you’re sad

By: Kristina Haney

Everyone is fighting some sort of battle within themselves.

Even if it is a bad test grade or the loss of a loved one, everyone goes through something every day that makes them upset.

Please never tell someone to “smile more” or “look happier.”

You never know what is going on in their life, and that comment could push them over the edge.

I have personally battled with depression and with other mental issues and have heard people tell me to smile more and to be happy.

It really is not that easy when you feel that way.

Do not judge someone just because they don’t look as happy as you think they should.

Even when I was not depressed, I was told to smile more often.

I suffer from what I like to call the “resting bitch face.”

I look disinterested and just rude.

It really is not my fault and I know other men and women can relate to me when they say that people have said that same exact thing to them.

A friend of mine was walking to class and was just a little late.

An older man saw her and told her to smile.

Whether he was actually concerned with her well-being, was trying to hit on her or was just plain creepy, where is it his place to tell someone how to look?

I’ve also had multiple people tell me to smile more at my job.

It really is not normal to be happy every waking moment.

In fact, it probably is not even healthy to never show negative emotions.

People get sad at some point during the day.

Is it right for them to be yelled at to smile the moment they do not show happiness?

Absolutely not.

People deal with things in their own way and we need to respect that. If someone is crying, let them.

Do not tell them to go somewhere else just because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Get over yourself and try to be a little more sensitive to what people are growing through.

I am not saying talk to everyone that looks sad or upset, but just be as kind to everyone as best you can. Your random act of kindness, no matter how small can really change someone’s life for the better.

Someone could be on the verge of a breakdown and your actions could literally save their life.

If you have a friend who seems down, send them a little text that says to have a great day.

If you see a stranger who is struggling to get somewhere, help them out by grabbing the door they’re going through.

A little goes a long way.

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