By: Julija Kaselyte

Don’t rely on others, do it on your own; it’s less annoying.

Relying on others can also put you at risk of changing your perception of other people which affects how you interact.

It is important not just socially, but also in work or educational environment.

If you rely on others too much and you’re known for it, it changes your reputation and you could be known as clingy and dependent.

And those are not good qualities of a worker.

If you are asked to perform a task at work and, for instance, you don’t feel confident and want someone else to do it for you, that could be harmful because others tend to flake on you all the time.

Their mistakes become your own. If you can’t rely on yourself, you won’t be able to go far in your career, and it’s just because you depend on others way too often.

Many of us think that to trust others is priceless, but I think it’s just empty hopes.

You can’t rely on others if it’s that important to you.

For example, school assignments.

How many times did you have to meet up with a classmate and work on an important project which seemed harder to do than it really was, but he or she bailed on you?

Your own grade should rely on your skills and not the other way around.

School is a building ground for your future and you don’t want it to be built around trusting the actions of other people.

A human being is an island with its priorities, goals and desires and can prosper without anything outside of it.

Individuality is an important component in life. It encourages interpersonal and social growth.

This way you can shape your future, being your own person, which is entirely possible without others.

Also, don’t forget that everybody has their own priorities and sometimes you’re just not one of them.

That’s another reason why you should live your life and not worry about others.

Don’t be upset about it because many opportunities are given to you; all you have to do is take them.

Don’t sit and think that someone else will do it for you.

Relying on others also affects their lives.

You don’t want to manipulate the course of their lives nor do you want to hold them back.

When you rely on someone you don’t learn how to deal with problems.

Their solutions are not your solutions.

I know that feeling when you want somebody to help you, but the fact is you solve a problem with the power of your own thoughts.

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Mesa Legend Staff

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