Mitt Romney: charismatic, soulless, and uninspired

Jessica Unterreiner

Dear Mitt Romney,

I have a few problems with your campaign, and I will not be voting for you and here’s why.

In terms of proving you can fix the economy, your strategy seems to be to brag extensively regarding your success in business. You claim America needs a business savvy leader to create jobs and boost the economy. Well Romney, I’m not convinced.

You claim you created over 100,000 jobs as a businessman, a fact that cannot really be verified.  You also claim that during your time as governor in Massachusetts, the unemployment rate dropped to an astounding 4.7 percent. However when you took office, the unemployment rate was only 5.6 percent. Not impressed.

Another thing that I dislike about your campaign strategy is how much you mention Obama and how he has failed as President. You are not running against Obama yet, Romney. Let’s save the shit talking for when you do run against Obama. Or better yet, focus on the issues because everyone that will be voting for you already thinks Obama failed as President; save your breath.

I also have a problem with your foreign policy. First off, you supported the Iraq war from the get go. Strike one. In a debate in New Hampshire last October, you stated, “I am absolutely devoted to making America the strongest nation on Earth. And if you don’t want that as your objective, don’t vote for me–we already have a president that doesn’t make that his first objective.” I am not interested in a President whose number one goal is to make America the strongest military in the world. I think that you would be a dangerous man in office. I think, given the opportunity, you would lead America into another senseless war. Strike two.

You have also expressed that you think cutting defense would be a terrible idea. Really? You are for low spending, but you are not going to make a single cut on defense spending, when a huge amount of our federal budget goes towards defense.  Strike three.

Do I even have to talk about your stance, or should I say stances, on abortion? In 2002, although you were personally pro-life, as governor you were pro-choice. Currently, you are pro-life. Personally, I liked in 2007 when you were personally pro-life, but did not think the government should get involved. If you go back to your view in 2007, I will give you some credit, but I still won’t vote for you.

Sincerely, Jessica.


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