Candidates announce run for March ASMCC election

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Two positions will be in contention in the March 29 ASMCC elections. Students will be able to vote for an ASMCC president, executive vice president / senate chair, and a vice president of fiscal affairs from their MyMCC webpage.
Meredith Warner, MCC’s student life and leadership program advisor, stressed that the results of elections will affect all students.
“The ASMCC elections put in place the students who are going to interact with the administration, interact with the student body, and make decisions about what happens on campus. I think it’s critical,” Warner said.President

Andrew Kuhn, Suhail Rahim, and Andre Salais will be running for president.
Kuhn, who is currently the Secretary of Press for ASMCC and a senator for the environmental action club, said he reflects the student body better than the other candidates.
“I believe that out of all the candidates I’m the only one that truly represents the student body and the struggles that other students have faced,” he said.
Part of his understanding of MCC students is attributed to his past experiences.
“I’ve worked, and once I joined (ASMCC), I became a more successful student. I can pass on that story to other students … to help them become more successful,” Kuhn said.
Rahim, who has been with ASMCC since the fall of 2009, also cited a focus on bridging the gap between student government and students.
“All the activities at ASMCC (have) primarily been geared at non-traditional students (students who are involved in non-academic activities at MCC). I want to create opportunities for (all) students to express their voice,” he said.
Rahim participated in the District Public Policy Forum. It lobbied congressmen about legislation like the Dream Act and increasing funds for the Pell Grant. He said he plans on increasing MCC’s influence in the state government.
“As the largest community college district in the country we should have a strong voice in advocacy and lobbing as it relates to policies that affect community college students,” Rahim said.
This was a goal expressed by Salais as well.
“There have been things going on at the (state) legislator that should not be happening. Substantial cuts in our budget, tuition is going up, and our legislators unfortunately are not understanding the issues we’re facing,” he said.
Salais, who has been a non-club senator and executive vice president with ASMCC, said that ASMCC needs to better reflect the entire student population.
“The student governments policies should directly reflect the policies and opinions the students they represent,” he said.
Salais also has experience working on a state political campaign.

Executive Vice President / Senate Chair

Ray Arecco and Danielle Najar will be running for executive vice president / senate chair.
Arecco, who was president of the Outdoor Science Club in high school and a senator of the Biotec Club, said he wanted to broaden student’s knowledge of ASMCC.
 “My platform is to promote student communication … with the organizations on campus. A lot of (the students) don’t know that ASMCC exists. It’s a problem that I would like to solve,” he said.
He also expressed an interest in refining ASMCC’s mission statement to reflect the current student population.
Najar, who has managerial experience, is starting her own business, said she would want to bring fresh ideas to ASMCC.
“I’m new to this state, new to the area, and I can bring new ideas and a new vibe to the school. I really enjoy everyone on campus and look forward to standing-up for everyone in the school,” she said.

Vice President of Fiscal Affairs

Parisa Mardiha is running unopposed for vice president of fiscal affairs and wins as long as she receives a single vote.
“I’m planning on focusing on clubs and senators … and help them know how they can use (the ASMCC budget) to help their club,” Mardiha said.
Winners will be announced at 11 a.m. on March 30 during the Spring Fling.

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