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The things which affect our daily lives have become shrouded with frivolous drama, endless catastrophe, and a never-ending terror alert.

Our generation has nearly succumbed to the vampire elites, who are bent on sucking the country dry.

We never set out to destroy capitalism, and we aren’t trying to be communists.

We want a fair shake, a simple opportunity to grab a piece of the pie before the rats jump ship.

This is precisely where a disconnect occurs.

There is a countless army of like-minded ladies and gentlemen in the world with very poignant views and extremely passionate beliefs.

But why do so few people have the ability to manifest their discontentedness into true action?

What obstacles stand in our way? What unconquerable foe do we stand up against?

In the long history of political and social conflict, we have been witnessed to the entire spectrum of protest. From the more peaceful forms of Gandhi’s civil disobedience and Martin Luther’s powerful speeches, to the not-so-passive riots of Los Angeles, Kent State, and even the more recent Egyptian revolution.

The difference?

There seemed to be a clearly identifiable enemy in the past: racism, social injustice, dictatorial rule.

These were beliefs that large groups of people could grab onto and fight against.

During the last few decades however, the enemy has infiltrated our ranks, going incognito to the majority of us.

We needn’t have a constant battle with an intangible force; that’s no different than a permanent terror alert: “Red.”

However, we do need to define our passion. And let that passion define our generation. Protest or not.


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